Best Left Handed Guitars for Beginners (Acoustic, Bass, Electric)

Like me, you would also be in trouble to find the best left handed guitar for a beginner. Initially, I was also unable to find the best guitars as I was also fallen into the list of beginners. To solve this problem, we have prepared a list of various guitars (Acoustic, Bass, and Electric) which can give WoW results to newbies.

One thing which we have always kept in mind is that most of the newbies don’t like to spend extra money on guitars at the initial level. Therefore, it is good to hear those following guitars in the list will not over-burden your pocket.

For your ease, we have divided this list of awesome guitars into three types of guitar; Acoustic, Electric, and Bass. Thus choose your desired guitar with great features.

Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

Before introducing our amazing list of guitars, let me ask you various crispy question to you.

Are you a Beginner?

Have you a low budget to spend on guitar?

Are you crazy for Acoustic Guitars?

Have you an answer “Yes” for all these questions then go, read and choose your acoustic guitar.

1- Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar
Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 90%
(721 Reviews) Ratings:

Thanks to Epiphone that gives its masterpiece just at a very low budget. Epiphone stands out in a row of reliable guitar brands. Moreover, several products of this brand (like Yamaha) will make you a fan in a jiffy. I always amuse with the sound and tonal quality of this brand. Sorry for being biased about this brand. Nevertheless, this is just awesome.

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Let’s discuss the features of the given product

This simply designed guitar has no cutaway with dreadnought body shape. No matters, either you are left-handed or right, it work efficiently for you.

Furthermore, its top is laminated with spruce. Back and sides of this instrument is made of mahogany. Its slim neck -increases its playability- is also made of mahogany. Furthermore, Rosewood has been used to build its fingerboard. So, you can see, like any other guitar, its body material is also good.

The scale length of this product is not bad that is 25.5”.  This scale length will give you an amazing experience as a newbie.

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Besides size and material, this instrument is available in three different and attractive colors; Ebony, natural and Vintage Sunburst.



2- Jameson Acoustic-Electric Guitar Left-Handed

Jameson Acoustic-Electric Guitar Left Handed
Jameson Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 95%
(1522 Reviews) Ratings:

Whether you are playing it acoustically or with a plugin, you will get a stunning result from this guitar. When it comes to durability, its sound quality, and its looks, it would not make you disappoint.

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In short, it is a perfect piece of art for newbies. Buying amount is also low and we can say that it is the premier and cheapest guitar for beginners in the market. If a guitar with same features is available with Yamaha brand name then its cost will be double than this. 

Let’s talk about its features.

This left-handed guitar with single cutaway can be yours at a reasonable buying tag. Moreover, this instrument comes with 6 strings and a spruce top. Moreover, its sides and back have been built from Nato. Its rosewood fingerboard gives an awesome look with 20 frets and white dot inlays. Neck performs an important role in the playability of a guitar and neck’s shape and size is very important for beginners. To keep these points in mind, the neck of this guitar is designed with maple and has a perfect size which is one of the greatest features of this product.

With this budget, sound and tonal is also above par. We know that you might find a lot of other choices with this low budget but you will have to compromise on sound or material.

Nevertheless, in this budget range, this guitar would be your best choice as a beginner.



3- Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 88%
(565 Reviews) Ratings:

Fender is also a great name in the world of guitars like Yamaha Brand. As a beginner, it is very difficult and confusing to find a guitar that matches the budget as well as your tonal value too. Although a newbie is not able to recognize the tonal quality, yet this guitar has good and worthy sound. We can say that it is one of the matchless products from Fender that shares such a low amount tag. Therefore, we say that if a newbie is searching for good variety, awesome looking, and affordable guitar within budget then it would be your first unbeaten lefty guitar.

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When it comes to its features, it has stunning features too. Its top is laminated with spruce (Not Solid). On the flip side, its back material is Agathis while sides have been made of basswood. Moreover, its adjustable truss rods help to increase playability.

In addition, a newbie also amuses with its 20-frets fingerboard with dot inlays.

Size of this instrument is also fascinating for a beginner. It fits in the arms of a newbie. Moreover, it is a full body size guitar with a dreadnought body shape.

As I have mentioned earlier that the sound quality of this guitar is also good and suits to the beginners. 



4- Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Elec

Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric
Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic
Satisfaction Level 82%
(178 Reviews) Ratings:

Besides beginners and newbies, it might become the crush of intermediate level guitar players too owing to its features and sound. The sound and tonal quality force you to play and listen to it again and again.

 I know, practice makes a man perfect in any field of life. However, making a practice for being perfect is the most boring part of a journey towards perfection. Nevertheless, I assure you this left-handed guitar will never make you bore while practicing for hours and hours in your bedroom.

Its classy looks with a single cutaway are enough to attract a real guitarist. Its body is made of solid spruce (Top) and mahogany (Back and sides). Solid top is one of the best features that cannot be overlooked. Neck design of this amazing product is extremely feasible for newbies. Furthermore, its size matches with the requirement of beginners.

In addition, its pickups and preamp have been selected from Fishman models. Fishman pickups are goods in quality and give satisfactory results to its users.



Best Left-Handed Bass Guitars for Beginners

As a lefty, do you want to be an expert in playing the bass guitar? Like me, do you find it difficult to choose the best bass guitar which improves your performance as a lefty?

Moreover, have you tight budget too?

All these questions make a lefty newbie player annoyed. However, you don’t need to worry, we are here to help you with the following amazing list of bass guitars with the most amazing features.  If all the above-mentioned problems are also yours then just go through the following guitars. I assure you will find your choice.

1- Davison Guitars: Bass for Beginner

Davison Guitars Electric Bass for Beginner
Davison Guitars: Bass for Beginner
Satisfaction Level 80%
(399 Reviews) Ratings:

After Yamaha, i like the most about Davison’s guitars. Buying this bass guitar can be the unparalleled deal for a beginner. For a beginner, it is not wise to spend a huge budget on bass guitars, therefore, it can be your optimal choice with low budget.

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This guitar is available in 3 different attractive colors. Moreover, it is not a heavy guitar, its weight is just 21 pounds which is good for newbies. In addition, its double cutaway body makes it look more fascinating.

If you ask me which color do you like the most? My answer will be “blue”. Its blue color attracts me more. However, buying of it is possible in Black and vintage sunburst color too.

Length of this guitar is 49″ that helps to hold this guitar firmly.

The most amazing about this guitar that you will get a complete package along with this guitar at a very affordable cost.



2- Dean E09 Bass Guitar: Left-Handed

Dean E09 Bass Guitar Left Handed
Dean E09 Bass Guitar: Left Handed
Satisfaction Level 72%
(22 Reviews) Ratings:

I remember I bought a second-hand guitar of Fender series. However, owing to my fault that guitar got injured and I was sad about that incident. Unfortunately, buying a new one was not easy for me because I was a student at that time and I didn’t have enough money

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Whether you consider it my good luck or my good research, I found the Dean E09 Guitar. Its first black glossy look made me crazy.  Likewise, its material is also good to make anyone insane.  Its body is made of basswood (One of the excellent material in the market).

Moreover, it has a bolt-on neck that is made from maple. Its fingerboard is made of rosewood.

Length of this guitar is 44” while scale length is 34”.  With this guitar, my craze started with a guitar and I can say that this guitar made me the actual guitarist.

Although I found various small faults in it at this level, this was the best guitar when I started to play guitar. No doubt, its sound is awesome for beginner, however, for a higher level of players, it is not a recommended guitar.



3- Squier by Fender 306620500 Vintage Jazz Bass

Squier by Fender 306620500 Vintage Jazz Bass
Squier by Fender 306620500 Vintage Bass
Satisfaction Level 75%
(13 Reviews) Ratings:

Here is another great choice by our expert guitarists. One of the best features about this guitar is that, whether you are a beginner or at a high level, this guitar has the capability to satisfy you with its quality.

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One more thing which is essential to mention is that a given product is a bit expensive than others. However, the sound value of this left-handed instrument is also above par.

This double cutaway guitar is available with 4 strings. If you look at its material then you will come to know that the solid body of this product is made of basswood with glossy finishing (One of the star wood ever used in it). While its C shape neck is made from maple that plays an important role in its comfortable playability.

The scale length of this jazz bass is 34” which is quite attractive.

Besides its body material and size, one important thing that cannot be overlooked is its electronics.  Its electronics like neck and bridge pickups are also excellent.

Therefore, we say that a player can get a high-quality bass guitar at very reasonable rates.



4- SX RST 3/4 LH Left-Handed Bass Guitar

SX RST 34 LH Left-Handed Short Scale Guitar
SX RST 3/4 LH Left-Handed Bass Guitar
Satisfaction Level 70%
(11 Reviews) Ratings:

Everything you need to start playing bass guitar as a lefty beginner has been included in the package of SX RST 3/4LH. Yes! There is no need of buying GuitarAmp, Video Lessons, Guitar Bag, strap, and cables/ string. In the attractive package of this quality guitar, a left newbie finds every quality item.

This left-handed guitar comes with red color and 6 numbers of string. The material of this lefty guitar is an amalgamation of Maple (Neck), Alder (Body) and Rosewood (Fretboard). Besides the quality material, the most attractive characteristic of it is its size.

The size of it is specially crafted for beginners, lefty kids, and small handed people. Its scale length is almost 3” less than any other standard guitar’s scale. Moreover, it’s 2” narrower than other standard guitars. In addition, it will be a great blessing for a guitar player who is suffering from back pain and wants to play the guitar. Owing to its lightweight quality, you can play it easily.

As far as lefty newbies concerns, sound, and tonal class meet the demands. However, the left-handed guitar is not a wise choice for a professional.



Best Left Handed Electric Guitars for Beginners

It is irritating for me that a man cannot be a guitarist just because of it that he is a lefty. I accept that the majority of people are right-handed in the world. However, a sizeable amount of lefty people exits on this planet. By keeping this point in mind, the following list has the best left-handed electric guitars for beginners.

1- Davison Guitars: Electric Guitar for Beginner

Davison Guitars Electric Guitar for Beginner
Davison Guitars: Guitar for Beginner
Satisfaction Level 85%
(1501 Reviews) Ratings:

If you are the left-handed beginner and want to invest too low on guitar then this might be made for you. It is the cheapest guitar in our well-researched list of the left-handed guitar.

Let’s talk about its feature.

A blue and glossy awesomely finished product come out of the box. This guitar is available with 6 strings. You will not disappoint with its shape, it is a double cutaway guitar with a standard size. Moreover, the body material is also hardwood (Maple).

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When we observe its electronics settings we come to know that its humbuckers make it outstanding.

Interestingly, you will find a complete package at a reasonable buying package.

So, if you are a newbie and want to learn the guitar in a better way this can be your best choice at the initial level.



2- Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaste Guitar

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaste Guitar
Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaste Guitar
Satisfaction Level 80%
(317 Reviews) Ratings:

This guitar can give you wow feelings at its first look. Its compact body gives a resonant and high-value sound. Let’s take a bird’s eye view at its different glaring features.

Firstly, its body material type is alder and it is available in a standard size. Its fretboard is made from rosewood. Furthermore, its neck is made from maple.

We can say that it is an amazing product with 6 strings and 44.5” length.

In addition, its slim body makes it a lightweight that is a cutting edge to its playability.

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When it comes to its electronics, its two single-coil pickups give a wide range of tones. Similarly, 3 pickup selector knobs make extra easy to control its tone.

Thus, comfortable neck, high-quality hardware and a wide range of tones turn your buy into a great buy.



3- SX RST 3/4 LH 3TS Short Scale 3 Tones Guitar

SX RST 34 LH 3TS Short Scale 3 Tones Guitar
SX RST 3/4 LH 3TS Short Scale 3 Tones
Satisfaction Level 70%
(17 Reviews) Ratings:

It is the last but not least product of our list of left handed guitars for beginners. Additionally, it is a highly positive rated guitar. If you are searching for a guitar for your son then it will be your best buying.

If you want to learn the guitar then it is the recommended guitar by our experts.

Body material that has been used to build it is a high variety. The size of this instrument is also awesome. Its slim neck is made from maple.

Its magnetic single coil produces the resonant and deep tone.

Furthermore, it comes with a complete package and you can start to play with this package.



Last Words

So, we think, now it is super easy for you to make a wise buying as a beginner. We have tried our best to produce the supreme list of all types of guitars whether it is acoustic or bass for left-handed newbies. However, we update our all list regularly and add the new arrivals in our list. So, keep visiting our blog on a regular basis so that you can find the best guitar in the market. Stay Blessed and Keep Smiling. Thank you.

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