Top 08 Best Mini Acoustic Guitars for Travel

In this article, you will be going to know about the best mini acoustic guitars, and most about the types of mini acoustic guitar feature about each type and the reviews. Be with us if you are a lover of mini acoustic guitar and want to know what’s new in guitars that exist in 2019.

Before I start sharing my views about each guitar and their listing their features, I would like to share about what actually mini acoustic guitar is? What are their types that exist in today’s market and why we call them as mini.? Isn’t it.? If yes, then be with us to know more about it.

A mini acoustic guitar is just like a simple acoustic guitar but that is smaller in size than a standard acoustic guitar. The size of mini acoustic guitar is normally available in ¾ or ½ of the actual size. So, yes you get it, this guitar is suitable for those who love to travels with guitars. These types of guitar are suitable for travel because they are portable. And yes these are also called the “Travel Acoustic Guitar” or as I said the “Mini Acoustic Guitars”.

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Not taking your more time, let’s talk about the top 6 best Mini Acoustic Guitars.

Acoustic Guitars are usually the topmost string instruments. These great Guitars are available many brands, for example, the best are LOOP, YAMAHA, FEDER, HOHNER ACCORDIONS, APILILA and many others with a different number of guitar strings.  Although there are many available mini acoustic guitars by different sellers here we will share the reviews about the top travel acoustic guitars.

This mini guitar is available in different sizes as I mentioned earlier, so knowing each size plays an important role in finding the best and great travel guitar for you, either in ½ or ¾. Keeping in mind that these sized may differ from company to company, we have detailed research about each product to keep in a certain category list.

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Before, list each product with complete features that completely helps in buying the best guitar as per your requirement. Just know the fact that a Mini Acoustic guitar is a complete set if guitar with full and perfect sound. And yes it may supersede a standard sized acoustic guitar.

Check out the list of top 6 best mini acoustic guitars that fit your needs.

1- Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar - Mahogany

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar - Mahogany
Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 85%
(110 Reviews )Ratings:

Taylor GS Mini Guitar is one of the astonishing instruments in the world of great Guitars. Its sound quality proves a great example of Mini Acoustic Guitar. It’s only one strum that can reveal the impressive and quality voice of a complete standard size Guitar. This Guitar is not big in size, and the mixture of portability and its best musical attributes have proven a winning package of Guitar that fits in many ways of life.

This Guitar comes in small size so become the best suitable and friendly for younger’s and even for small hands. This Guitar is built with natural designs and with good quality of grade woods in order to ensure sustainable and quality sound.

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Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar is a complete set of guitars with quality of sound that it has, regardless of its size. With all these features, this guitar is still cost under $500, which is less than its worth. Usually available in natural colors that the most Guitarists love. The body of this Guitar is a mixture of mahogany/Sapele and Top is with Tropical Mahogany. These are the best choice for right-handed Guitarists. It’s available with 6 strings that ensure the great quality of sounds. I hope this helps you in finding the best Guitars if still wants to know the Pros and Cons of this Instrument then please see below.



2- Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 34 Size Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic
Satisfaction Level 87%
(224 Reviews )Ratings:

Want to enjoy the tone of full-size Acoustic Guitar with a guitar that is in small size? Then Yamaha JR1 FG Junior is one of the great choices for you. This series of Guitars is compact folk instruments that were released after “FG Folk Series” the well-known Guitars of Yamaha. JR1 FG Guitar is the best suitable for the young players, players with small hands, they will love the sound of big acoustic Guitar in this undersize Guitar package. One will get the Gig Free if buys the JR1 FG Guitar. Usually, the size of this Guitar is ¾, back and side made up with Meranti material.

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The JR1 series are from the blood of great guitar from Yamaha. Yamaha designed this Guitar to model their world-famous FG folk series instruments.  These great Guitar models guarantee’s the more quality of sound with the age of Guitar.



3- Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany

Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany
Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany
Satisfaction Level 80%
(79 Reviews )Ratings:

This Safari Guitar series comes in ¾ size; a blockbuster travels acoustic guitar. The size makes it an ideal companion in case you are traveling. The Luna Safari Series Guitar also comes with one Gig Bag.

Luna Safari Muse Guitar is a compact Guitar that delivers the perfect quality of full-size guitar. Its tonal voice makes this instrument more precious. This Guitar is beautifully handcrafted from Mahogany & Walnut that boosts the quality of its construction. The Luna Safari Series is indeed the perfect variety of guitars for guitar lovers and players that cost at $169.

The addition of the Celtic laser etched henna by “Alex Morgan” makes this guitar more valuable.



4- Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic

Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic
Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic
Satisfaction Level 83%
(47 Reviews )Ratings:

The Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Guitar is an ultimate travel instrument, it’s a perfect companion for road trips, holidays, and for hanging out to have more fun. This Guitar offers the playability of a full-size guitar (Nylon-String) in a compact with an impressive sound. This Guitar is a much comfortable, lightweight, U shaped neck with 50mm nut width, that offers the feel of full-size Guitar.

For, the Guitarists that travels a lot, then this is the best choice for them to get the Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Guitar. It comes up with a free Cordoba Gig Bag.

Usually, this travel guitar is tuned to A as default tuning, much like many other musical instruments of this size, but it provides the flexibility to be tuned to Standard E tuning.



5- Borealis 3/4 Acoustic Guitar by Luna Aurora

Borealis 3/4 Acoustic Guitar by Luna Aurora
Borealis 3/4 Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 78%
(32 Reviews )Ratings:

A Guitar that assures the affordability of Luna’s characteristics, to provide a design for easy playing to its students. Luna Aurora Guitar is the perfect instruments for those who want to learn.

The most astonishing and attractive feature of Luna Aurora Borealis Guitars is its Iconic Crescent moon sound. These instruments come in ¾ with true sound quality.

Roman Aurora, who brings the dawn to begin each day and Goddess of the dawn (Roman mythology), created the stars and settled them out at night.

Luna Aurora Borealis guitars are the most beautiful guitars but aren’t all about design but quality. Modeled with quality components that assure an experience of guitar playing.



6- Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar - Cordoba Guitar

Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar - Cordoba Guitars
Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar
Satisfaction Level 80%
(44 Reviews )Ratings:

Anyone of you wants to become a future Guitarist and having the training in it. He can get motivation with such a guitar that is modeled after the Pixar Movie – “Coco”. Since it was made with an animated cartoon so don’t get that it’s just for kids.

The Cordoba Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar is all about motivating the music – just like presented in the movie. This Mini (Travel) Guitar the capability of retaining the playability of full-size Guitar.

Cordoba, the most popular manufacturers of Guitars, Cordoba, has proved by improving the guitar choices with the amazingly modeled Guitar.



7- BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar – Taylor Guitar

BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar – Taylor Guitar
BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 82%
(74 Reviews )Ratings:

Are you looking for a high-quality Taylor guitar, then this guitar is the best choice for you? Advantage of Taylor Guitar is that if you don’t have enough to spend on full-sized Taylor Guitar that costs around 15,00 $, then you can the same specs guitar Taylor BT2 Baby Acoustic Guitar in ¾ size in just 349$. Seems reasonable… Yeah.!

Let’s know more about this wonderful instrument.

It has surprisingly the loud sound quality as the full-size guitar has. A nicely designed, built for comfortable playing guitar for beginner guitarist. This Guitar is actually a gift for beginners because of it easy to play frets and a great style of playing.




8- Fender CP-100 Parlor Small Body Acoustic

Fender CP-100 Parlor Small Body Acoustic
Fender CP-100 Parlor Small Body Acoustic
Satisfaction Level 75%
(29 Reviews )Ratings:

The CP-100 Guitar is designed by world-renowned brand “Fender”. CP-100 Parlor is really an addition to one of the list of top and impressive guitars. It’s a petite work of art with a variety of vintage selections. Fender CP-100 Parlor Small Body Acoustic Guitar is made with a laminated spruce top and mahogany back and sides.

This beautiful small body guitar is the best instrument for causal playing either you are at your home or in any closed setting.  This Guitar is capable of producing reasonable volumes, but it’s not on a dreadnought’s level. In short, if you are an excellent sound guitar with fine quality, at an affordable price then it’s a better selection for you.

Modeled with a simple design, sporting a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Let’s know more about the feature and pros and cons of this amazing instrument.



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