Best Bass Guitars under 2000 Dollars

Best Bass Guitars under 2000 Dollars (6 Outstanding Bass)

Best bass guitars under 2000 dollars are expensive articles indeed. However, they own a great number of signifying responsibilities in order to maintain compatibility with their cost. When an individual enters into the market as a buyer, he grips his perception tightly to utilize his earning fruitfully. Even if he makes up his mind to spend a handsome amount of money, he feels hesitant while purchasing. Various doubts prevail in his mind. For instance, whether the product is durable, either it produces vibrant sound or it’s easily playable or not. So, in order to extract you out of the flowing river of suspicions, we are here with the tried and tested bass guitars.

Now you can conveniently choose an instrument according to your budget, skill, and taste. Since these are authentic, genuine and acknowledged bass guitars under $2000.

1- Fender Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass Guitar

Fender Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass Guitar
  • Jazz Body Shape
  • Body: Adler
  • Neck: Maple with c shape
  • 34" Scale Length
  • Vintage Jazz bass Single Coil
Fender Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass Guitar
Satisfaction Level 68%
(3 Reviews) Ratings:

Fender Jaco is quite resourceful in turning its performer into a perfect version of a great bass player. Since the guitar is absolutely dedicated to producing awesome music of its kind. However, what initially attracts towards the instrument is its name. To clarify the name of the guitar is inspired by an iconic bass guitar player, Jaco Pastorius. Who was and still is a great motivation for all the music lovers around the world. Moreover, the jazz riffs and bass playing of Jaco Pastorius fortified passions of several melodists present on the planet. Therefore, a buyer cannot overlook to consider its features and other details thoroughly

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The guitar seems an antique article but as it starts to deliver rhythm, you will be surprised by the modernity of the emitted sound. Moreover, the instrument comprises an alder body which dominantly contributes to producing an extremely improved sound. In addition, tonewood while being lightweight does not affect the strength of the instrument. Rather adds sturdiness and comfort at the same time. On the other hand, the maple neck of the guitar is not excluded from the criterion of adding stability to the entire instrument. Above all, the maple plays a major role in enhancing the lifespan of the guitar. Furthermore, the fretboard is also crafted from premium quality, urethane coated, slab cut hardwood.

Two vintage jazz bass single coil pickups at the neck and bridge are one of its unique and productive features. In other words, pickups behave awesomely thereby producing exceptional tones. However, the tone pickup by the guitar itself is something beyond words. Fender Jaco is a highly blessed guitar in terms of its tonal range which is incredibly vast and superb also.

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In short, the guitar is enriched with all the specificities required for jazz performance. As the sound is divine and tonal integrity is matchless so, the price does not bother at all. In fact, the cost is lighter as compared to the versatility of the instrument


  • Great sound
  • Plays fabulously
  • Wide variety of tones
  • Excellent Quality Materila
  • Comfortable neck


  • Expensive

2- RICKENBACKER 4003- Guitar under $2000

RICKENBACKER 4003- Guitar under $2000
  • Traditional Body Shape with two Cutaway
  • Body: Maple
  • Neck: Maple (Neck Thru Feature)
  • 33.25" Scale Length
  • Single Coil Pickups
RICKENBACKER 4003- Guitar under $2000
Satisfaction Level 60%
(0 Reviews) Ratings:

Rickenbacker 4003 has remained the most preferable bass guitar for playing by numerous fabled bassists, for instance, Al Cisneros, Lemmy Kilmister and many more. 4003, which is certainly the ameliorated form of 4001 is a highly recognized and well-acknowledged member of the family of bass guitars from ages. Moreover, its functionality enhanced its grip in the top-tier of iconic basses as well. Above all, its role in the origination of the latest rock-and-roll bass sound and heavy metal deserves writing in golden words.

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Great sustain and ease to play are enough to make it a nucleus among all the guitars of the same category. Hence, binding of the neck along with its narrowness is considered honorable for both the attractions. Tuning stability is awesome with the help of Schaller Deluxe tuners. In short, perfect sustain when combines with outclass sound and tonal shaping amaze you with a rocking blast of any desired musical composition.

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Precisely crafted high-output single-coil is not unaware of its particular products and thrills the player with a punchy vintage tone. In addition, the curved body, double truss rods, and neck through construction, all the aspects perfectly exhibit flawless craftsmanship. Profiting you with countless advantages, purchasing Rickenbacker 4003 will never prove to be a complete loss of money. Rather buying it will definitely fulfill your craving for emulated vintage tone.


  • Unbelievably comfortable instrument
  • Solid underlying bass
  • Ringing sustain
  • Treble punch


  • Don't promote the production of varied tones

3- Lakland Skyline Series 55-02Q Bass Guitar

Lakland Skyline Series 55-02Q Bass Guitar
  • Excellent Body Shape
  • Neck: Maple
  • 34" Scale Length
  • LH3 Preamps
Lakland Skyline Series 55-02Q Bass Guitar
Satisfaction Level 70%
(2 Reviews) Ratings:

Not a signature guitar, still 55-02Q 5-Strings Bass Guitar is equipped with all the essentials of a five-star instrument. Bridge and neck truly complement each other and refines each other traits in a skilled way. Moreover, 3-way toggle splits bridge pickup coils proficiently give you an opportunity to produce an appealing variety of tones. Above all, higher frets are conveniently accessible due to the presence of deep Lakland cutaway present on the upper side of the neck. In addition, intense focus is laid on the fretwork design. Therefore, plek technology is employed in order to formulate a highly functional and productive fretboard.

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This bass guitar is unquestionably sturdy, durable, beautiful, and most importantly highly musical in its field. Moreover, it is irresistible for any bassist to avoid such a premium and serviceable guitar within a very logical price. The bass guitar will definitely add craziness to your playing session. And once you start playing it, it would become difficult for you to demagnetize yourself.


  • Simple controls
  • Great volume
  • Awesome finish
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Easily playable
  • Worth the money


  • We didn't observe any shortcoming in this product

4- Tribute M2000 4-String Electric Bass

Tribute M2000 4-String Electric Bass
  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Neck:Mahogany
  • 34" Scale Length
  • Humbucking Pickups
Tribute M2000 4-String Electric Bass
Satisfaction Level 60%
(0 Reviews) Ratings:

Tribute M2000 originally replaced L-2000 and is certainly designed in a more mind-blowing way in comparison to the older creation. Furthermore, the former bass guitar proved itself as the breathtaking instrument for bass players with a sonic plate. The thrill does not end here. Since tribute M2000 is an absolute jaw dropper with its unlimited sound and tones possibilities.
The guitar comes furnished with volume and pan controls that guide the player about a wide variety of sounds. In addition, it also features very elegant reduced-diameter knobs that are peripherally placed and classic C-shape hard-rock maple neck. Maple or rosewood fingerboard, fretboard comprising of 22 medium-jumbo frets and open-back tuning keys make this exceptional bass an ultimate breeze.

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Tribute M2000 is an honored article of M series package and serves you with extremely easy, simple, and natural behavior. Once your finger will touch the strings, you won’t be able to stop yourself because of the fun that it adds to your performance. However, the price is very well maintained according to the quality and standard of the guitar. Either you want to enjoy your guitar love or you want to be a guitarist professionally, buying tribute M2000 will be the best decision of your life.


  • Does not give you an awkward feel
  • Superb sound
  • Easy to tune
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Excellent quality


  • We didn't observe any shortcoming in this product

5- G&L USA L-2000 Electric Bass Graphite

  • Metallic Body
  • Slim Neck
  • 34.4" Scale Length
  • Great Quality Electronics
G&L USA L-2000 Electric Bass Graphite
Satisfaction Level 80%
(0 Reviews) Ratings:

L-2000 electric bass is manufactured in the USA while considering all the standards and criterion of an ideal bass. Moreover, it holds the potential of hypnotizing its audience with its jazzy tunes and vibrant sound.
The body wood is particularly alder and fascination is imparted to the guitar through graphite metallic body finish. This tonewood is certainly expert in yielding a resonant sound thus making the guitar a perfect piece to purchase. Furthermore, the bridge is a saddle-lock and featured knobs are knurled flat-top chrome. Coming to the neck, the craftsman did not forget to design it flawlessly with premium quality material that is hard-rock maple. Again the appearance of neck is given deep consideration as it is lacquered with satin clear. Furthermore, the headstock attached to the neck is made compatible with the instrument in terms of color.
Other features of the L-2000 electric bass include medium-jumbo frets, rosewood fingerboard, and G&L ultra-light tuners. Above all, the guitar is accompanied by the neck pickup and bridge pickup, both in black color and are specific L-series humbuckers. Lastly, the controls of this bass guitar (tri-tone active/passive system) play an influential role in the breezy playability.
While the guitar is heavier in regard to its services, it is certainly lighter on your pocket. In addition, it is on top of the budget-friendly guitars which are incomparable in quality and durability as well. So, my dear, worry not because you will get the true reward of your tiresome research if you opt for L-2000 electric bass.


  • Awesome quality
  • Limitless options
  • Simple controls
  • Reasonable Price with great features


  • Heavy owing to Metallic Body

6- Tribute L2000 Left-Handed Bass Guitar

Tribute L2000 Left-Handed Bass Guitar
  • Mahogany Body with Double cutaway
  • Slim Maple Neck
  • 34" Scale Length
  • Humbucking Pickups
Tribute L2000 Left-Handed Bass Guitar
Satisfaction Level 75%
(0 Reviews) Ratings:

Tribute L2000 is a remarkable and glorious invention of Leo Fender. He formulated this bass in 1980 while considering the priorities of musicians of the ages to come. Most importantly, his launch made a striking history also as tribute L2000 amazed the bassists with its great range of tones.

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Within the instrument, the G&L magnetic field design humbuckers and the adjustable tri-tone control system make up an awesome medley. Thus making the guitar an ultimate versatile instrument of the era. To clarify, you’ll explore the latest tone every time you lay your bass line. Furthermore, the trio-tone system comprises of three mini toggles for:

Pickup selection

Signal routing

Active/passive operation

Similarly includes three knobs for:




In addition to this all, the guitar is furnished with chops that accommodate in any style ranging from classical to rock to popping funk. Other features of this innovative bass guitar include

Saddle-lock Bridge

fretboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets

traditional tuning keys

hard-rock maple neck

rosewood fingerboard

Swamp ash body.

This magical bass guitar which is a revolutionary bass of Leo Fender is priced high but the cost is not harmonious with its productivity. Rather it is quite low as compared to the characteristics and capacity of the instrument. So, don’t hesitate while paying the money. Since it is going to be a long term utility in your hand.


  • Gives Heavenly Experience
  • Feature Rich Guitar
  • Divine Sound


  • Not good for Beginners

Last Words

The entire research about best bass guitars under$2000 is carried out to prevent you from the hassle of dealing with various dealers and listening one while ignoring others. Moreover, every guitar is presented to you along with a detailed analysis of its aspects and purposes.
As a matter of fact, buying a guitar is not like doing grocery. In an instant, you can either take the best or worst decision. So if you are buying your first guitar or fifth you need to be very vigilant before paying the final money. In short, pondering over the above-described list will certainly facilitate your journey. Since it will be your first step towards your dreams and achievements.