Best Bass Guitars Under 1000 Dollars {Top 8 Reviews in 2019 }

We know you don’t have enough time to do research on best bass guitars under 1000 dollars. With this budget, you will be flooded with a lot of options and all those choices would make you puzzle to get the most suitable bass guitar. However, you need not worry, we are here to avoid you from acting like a bull in a china shop. Following budget-friendly bass guitars list can make it comfortable for you to buy a decent guitar without wasting your time. In addition, we know, $1000 is a much amount to buy a bass guitar and after reading this article, you will definitely get your desired one. Read nuts and bolts of all the below mentioned guitars to make an outstanding choice. Let’s start

This list of the following magical bass guitars is being fabricated by our expert team after proper research. We hope you will be successful to choose a perfect guitar from the below list. Therefore, without discussing “what the bass guitar is” and “how it works” jump to the list of budget-friendly best bass guitars 

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1- Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-4

Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-4 under 1000 dollars
Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-4
Satisfaction Level 80%
(6 Reviews) Ratings:

The best thing which I like the most about Bass guitar is its comfort to operate. No matters, you are a beginner or an expert, bass guitars are relatively easy to play. Same is the case with Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-4. A South-Korean origin based guitar with 34” scale length has a great sound. The more fascinating thing about it is its design. Its body and neck attachment will make you crazy. In other words, we can say that its Neck Thru has nicely finished construction. Body material of this guitar is Mahogany while top material is quilted maple. One more amazing feature that can be considered its cutting edge is its two-way adjustable truss rod.

While making a discussion on Bass guitar how can we overlook the electronics of a bass guitar? Let’s talk about its electronics.

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EMG 35TW has been used as its bridge and neck pickup. Moreover, you may observe the two knobs on the body of the guitar to control the bridge and neck pickups. Besides these two knobs, 3-Band EQ is also there on the body of the guitar to control and get the desired sound. Furthermore, 18 Volt battery compartment is also another characteristic of this instrument.

So get ready for a complete package under 1000 dollars in the form of this very attractive guitar.



2- Ibanez SR800

Ibanez SR800
Satisfaction Level 90%
(2 Reviews) Ratings:

Another masterpiece from Ibanez Brand. I personally like Ibanez brand the most and the reason for liking this guitar brand is that Ibanez always tries to satisfy the passionate lover of music by giving its quality instrument. No doubt, there are a short number of shortcomings might be faced by Ibanez users but the overall product is awesome. Like other instruments of this brand, SR800 is also a peerless product.

So, make a long story short by telling you its different features.

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Here you go. Mahogany makes the body of it with eye-catching color. The scale length of Sr800 is 34” which is perfect for concerts.  Top of this amazing product is laminated with poplar burl.

This nicely finished guitar will give you a Bartolini MK-1 neck and bridge pickups. Besides this pretty quality pickups, it has 3-Band EQ knobs on its body.

Hence, a beautiful guitar of a well-known brand with quality material and quality sound is available for you with an attractive price. On the flip side, it can make you disappointed if you want to play it at lower levels of frequency.

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3- Sterling by Music Man RAY34-NT Bass

Sterling by Music Man RAY34-NT Bass Under $1000
Sterling by Music Man RAY34-NT Bass
Satisfaction Level 88%
(23 Reviews) Ratings:

An eye catcher by its looks and eye opener by its bass, the guitar is here with its features. Thus, the question raises here how Sterling Ray34 by MM is an eye-catcher guitar. The answer is not too much tricky, if we talk about its looks then it’s available in three outstanding colors. Black, Natural (Nt), and Swamp Ash. Scale length is 34” which increases its playability for newbies. Roasted Hard Maple makes its neck that is attached with the body with 6 bolts. Its body is made from Mahogany.

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H-1 Alnico Humbucker neck and bridge pickups have been used for this guitar. According to the reviews, the quality of these pickups is pretty good that make the quality of bass incredible.  Moreover, 3-Band EQ knobs have the capability to control the sound quality in an effective way.

So, this feature-rich guitar is available at an affordable. Just go and grab with numerous positive reviews.



4- ESP LTD B-4E Bass Guitar under $1000

ESP LTD B-4E Bass Guitar under $1000
ESP LTD B-4E Bass Guitar under $1000
Satisfaction Level 85%
(07 Reviews) Ratings:

This 4 string bass guitars with double cutaway give you the best experience of playing. In our collection of guitars, it is also the most awesomely finished guitar. Its spectacular design and breathtaking color can make you an enthusiast of it. Thus be aware, lest you should be its fan.
Now, let’s have a look at its features.
It is comfortable to play any type of music with its body structure. Yes, its body and neck are attached directed (Neck Thru Body). The mahogany body makes it more durable and gives an outstanding sound quality. Its neck is made from 5 pieces of maple and seems like a U. Overall looks of this instrument is attractive.
When it comes to its electronics, thanks to its quality pickups (ESP Designed SB-4) that give a crunchy and punchy sound quality. Moreover, its 5 knobs on the body make it fully sound controlled instrument.
Last but not the least feature is its price. Yes, it is not too expensive. All these features of this guitar is available at very reasonable rates.



5- Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805

Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805: Best Bass Guitar Under $1000
Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805
Satisfaction Level 80%
(3 Reviews) Ratings:

This model of Ibanez is specially designed for experts who perform on stage. It can be the best bass guitar for your concerts and live performances. Additionally, this guitar strikes a balancing sound with a combination of different tonewoods. The body of this guitar has been composed with Mahogany and its top is laminated with poplar-blur. Panga Panga is used in its multi-scale fingerboard which provides a punchy and heavy sound to it. The neck is made from 5 pieces of maple/walnut.

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The scale length of this guitar is 34” which is a good factor for playability.  Its glossy finishing will definitely attract you. The thing that I don’t like the most is its plastic nuts. However, this right-handed guitar gives a decent look.

It admits of no doubt that pickups and other electronics devices in a bass guitar are nitty gritty parts for a guitar review. That is why now let’s analyze its pickups which really give it a quality sound.

Neck Humbucking pickup, as well as bridge, is another excellent feature of this product. Furthermore, the sound of this instrument is totally controlled with 3 switches present on the body. So, you can check the price and buy it under your budget.

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Sorry: If you feel that I am a little biased while giving a review of this instrument. I personally a big fan of Ibanez Guitar Brand



6- Gold Tone PBB Resonator

Gold Tone PBB Resonator: Amazing Bass Guitar
Gold Tone PBB Resonator:
Satisfaction Level 80%
(5 Reviews) Ratings:

Gold Tone PBB Resonator bass guitar is designed differently if we compare it with other bass guitars. Interestingly, this unique design with high sound quality is less expensive than other brands. So, it is a pretty good product for students and newbies. So, don’t feel blue because students with a low budget can also afford a bass guitar with tonal quality.

When it comes to its design as I mentioned earlier that it has a unique design. Its top, back, and sides are made from mahogany. Maple makes its neck and bridge. Overall finishing of this piece of art is highly glossy and attractive. Besides all these features, it has a two-way adjustable truss rod and great dotted inlays.

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As far as the question of its size, its scale size is 32” that is slightly smaller than other guitars of different brands. Usually, the size of a bass guitar is 34” and it is slightly smaller than the others.

The main elephant in the room for a guitarist (Beginners and Experts) is the weight of a guitar. So, the weight of this guitar is on average line that is 8 Ibs.

One more thing that is also a glaring feature of it that this model of the bass guitar is available for right handed as well as left handed guitarists.

Pickups and its electronics’ reviews are also satisfactory. Humbucker pickups enhances its tonal and sound quality with volume control knobs.



I didn’t observe any flaw or negative review about this model of Gold Tone.

7- Yamaha BB734A BB-Series Bass Guitar

Yamaha BB734A BB-Series Bass Guitar
Yamaha BB734A BB-Series Bass Guitar
Satisfaction Level 87%
(7 Reviews) Ratings:

Yamaha is also a great brand of guitars which tries its best to deliver its quality instruments for beginners as well as experts guitarist. Therefore, Yamaha BB734A bass guitar is also a masterpiece of Yamaha. Interestingly, this intrument is the cheapest in the list of best bass guitars under $1000. So, if you are really a brand conscious and want a quality brand with a quality guitar then this bass guitar might be made for you. This Dark Coffee Sunburst colored guitar has 4 strings with glossy finishing. The body of this guitar is specially constructed into 3 pieces with Alder/Maple/Alder. Mahogany is used while making its neck. The neck is relatively thinner than other bass guitars that confirms its comfort level while playing. Scale size is 34”. Fingerboard inlays are in shape of bars which make it quite comfortable to operate.

Unlike other bass guitars, neck and bridge pickups are not similar. Neck Pickup is VSP7n Alnico V Split-coil while bridge pickup is VSC7b Alnico V Single-Coil. Moreover, 1 volume controller, 1pickup balance knob and 2-band EQ switches are there on the body of this product. One more thing which cannot be overlooked is that it is available only for right handed guitarists



Overall product is quite good and not a single negative factor is observed by users.

8- G&L Tribute L-2000 Bass

G&L Tribute L-2000 Bass:Outstanding Guitar
G&L Tribute L-2000 Bass
Satisfaction Level 90%
(2 Reviews) Ratings:

One of the oldest model of bass guitars. Initially, it was designed in 1980 with versatile tones. These tones were really awesome and after listening to those tones, one was beside oneself with joy. However, it has also a capability to win the hearts of music lovers. Let’s discuss its premium features one by one.

Like many other bass guitars, its scale size is 34”. Its translucent finishes with swamp ashes fascinates guitarists. Hard-rock maple makes its neck while the fingerboard is made from rosewood. Neck of this guitar is like medium c and the radius of the neck is 12”.

When it comes to its sound, as I mentioned earlier that it is famous for its versatility. It can amuse its audiences with different tones and quality sound. So, don’t worry about its tonal and sound quality.

Humbucking Pickups (Made in Fullerton) have used in this model of G&L guitar. These pickups are just awesome in performance. Moreover, the tri-tone control system makes it more comfortable to play with unique and numberless tunes. More interesting thing about it is that it is available at really an affordable price.



Last Words

We hope, after reading this detailed article, you will be able to choose a bass guitar from our list of best bass guitars under 1000 dollars. I hope these guitars will meet your demands. If you have any other query about these guitar, you may ask in the comment section, our experts will try best to answer your queries.

Moreover, if you find any other bass guitar with better qualities and price please do share with us. We will update the list for our readers with your suggested guitar after proper research and testing. Thank you and stay blessed.

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