Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars: 5 Reviews 2019

Music has become a significant part of everyone’s life. People spend a lot of time while listening to music. Due to the increasing demand in music, people are investing a lot of money in the musical instrument, and Acoustic Guitar is one of those instruments.

The Acoustic Guitar creates sound with the help of the oscillation of the strings in the air. But with a lot of acoustic guitars available in the market, which one to buy?

In this article, I’m going to share some of the best affordable Acoustic Guitars that you should invest your money on.

Mini Acoustic Guitars are usually the smaller in size as compare to a standard guitar. But the features and all the other major characters are almost the same in both these types of guitars.

In the below list, some of the guitars are mini while some are normal-sized. You can choose the size that perfectly suits your needs.

1- Antonio Giuliani CL-6 Guitar

Antonio Giuliani CL-6 Guitar
Antonio Giuliani CL-6 Guitar
Satisfaction Level 92%
(36 Reviews )Ratings:

In case you want to have a lightweight Acoustic Guitar that offers some fantastic features then you must try Antonio Giuliani CL-6 Guitar.

It is composed of high-quality material, including rosewood and solid wood. The back and side of the guitar have rosewood material while it contains a solid Candian cedar top with a dense rosewood fingerboard.

Most of the product of this price range is usually made up of laminated woods while on the other hand, Antonio Giuliani CL-6 guitar is strengthened with a cedar top that helps to produce rich sound quality. It also includes 12th fret.

Moreover, it has a scale length of around 650mm while the nuts and saddle in this instrument has a real bone material which contains durability in this product. It also has a dual-action truss rode that enables the user to adjust the tension string between medium, bulky, or light.

The frequency product by Antonio Giuliani CL-6 is unmatchable, which is very pleasant to hear. This guitar contains six different strings that help to produce a unique sound.

Furthermore, it has an ambidextrous hand orientation, which means that both the left as well as right-handers can use it comfortably.

The pleasant thing about this product is that it comes with a 45day money-back guarantee so if you don’t like the product you can return it to the officials without any hesitation.

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2- Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic Guitar

Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic Guitar
Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 88%
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Cordoba C5-CE is another guitar that offers the best musical result. Durable mahogany and a Canadian cedar material are used in the manufacturing of this product.

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The Canadian cedar material is utilized to make the top portion while mahogany is applied on the back and sides of the guitar. Like the previous product on our list, the manufacturers make use of a traditional Spanish method for the production of Cordoba C5-CE guitar.

The instrument has a soft cutaway and a slimmer neck. Moreover, the string is not very hard, which will not hurt your fingers even if you use the device for a long session.

Some parts of this guitar also contain the rosewood material that makes it an extra durable product. Like most of the Acoustic guitar in this price range, this product also has a scale length of 650mm.

Furthermore it nut width is around 50mm and has an overall 20 frets. The fingerboard offers an extra grip to the guitar and is perfect for a left-handed person.

However, if you are a right-handed person, then you must try some other instrument from the list because this product is more suitable for left-handed. But it’s the best product to consider if you are a left-handed person.



3- Cross Guitar 2.0: Folding/Foldable Guitar

Cross Guitar 2.0 FoldingFoldable Guitar
Cross Guitar 2.0: Folding/Foldable Guitar
Satisfaction Level 70%
(03 Reviews )Ratings:

If you are looking for a classy-looking guitar with a lot of innovations, then try Cross Guitar 2.0: Folding/Foldable Electric Guitar. It is a lightweight product with weight around 6 pounds that can be easily used as a travel guitar.

The compact design of this instrument makes it perfect for travelers, and the best thing is you don’t need to assemble it. As it is an electric guitar, it requires a single battery of 9V which, if fully charged, can provide you a long session of music.

It also contains a 3.5mm headphone jack so that you can experience the guitar music via headphones. Moreover, it also includes a built-in pickup system and a 6.35mm main output to improve the experience.

The body of this product is made up of a sturdy wood while maple is used in the manufacturing of the neck part. It contains 21 frets and six strings.

Furthermore, the body thickness of Cross Guitar 2.0 Acoustic Guitar is around 63mm, and its overall length is around 830mm. This product is produced by considering the right-handed person in mind, so if you are a right-handed guy, then you can have a look at this guitar.

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4- Ibanez Artwood Series Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez Artwood Series Acoustic Guitar
Ibanez Artwood Series Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 88%
(01 Review )Ratings:

Music is an art, and Ibanez Artwood Series Acoustic guitar has taken this art to another level. This instrument comes in Blonde color and unique design.

The curve on its body provides an extra grip, which makes it comfortable to hold for the user. Its body contains an exceptional wood and a Mahogany material that makes it a secure product.

Ibanez guitar produces a sweet sound with a particular frequency range, which is very pleasant to hear. Its solid spruce top and a mahogany material contribute to producing the pleasant sound.

The Sonicor pickup converts the sound to the plugin amplification system. This instrument comes with a scale length of 24.9 inches and contains 20 numbers of frets. The bone nut offers the strength to convert the string vibration naturally.

 Moreover, it is among the best guitar for a right-handed person. The instrument is designed in such a way to provide a secure hold to the user.

Other than this, the open-gear tuners in this device make sure to provide stable and smooth tuning. Ibanez Artwood Series guitar sound quality is so good that you will not get tired even after a long session of using the instrument.



5- Ovation Applause AE44II-5

Best Acoustic Yamaha GL1 TBS Guitalele
Satisfaction Level 88%
(18 Reviews )Ratings:

The last guitar on our list is the Ovation Applause AE44II-5, which is another good option to consider for all the music lovers. It comes in six different colors and two different styles, so the user has a lot of choices available.

A well-known brand named Ovation made this product. They care about the quality, and they have also shown it in Ovation Applause AE44II-5. From the design to the sound quality, everything is perfect in this instrument.

The Composite is a significant material used in its body while mahogany has played a part in the manufacture of neck material. Further, its weight is around 5 pounds, which makes it easy to lift.

Due to the lightweight, you will not get tired every after lifting Ovation Applause acoustic guitar for long hours. It is an electric guitar that demands a single 9V battery.

Other than this, the instrument has six number of strings and has 23 frets. Moreover, the scale length of this device is 25.25 inches.

This Ovation Applause AE44II-5 contains unique material which helps the user to have a good grip. The more you use this product, the more you are going to love it because of the amusing sound it produces.



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