Best Acoustic Guitars under 1500 Dollars [8 Reviews of 2019]

Now, it is super easy for guitarists to make their dreams true.
If you are a guitarist and want to put a spell on your audience by your performance then the following list of guitars might help you to turn your dreams into reality. Yes! If you have a little higher budget for your guitar, below-mentioned guitars have been definitely made for you. After deep research, we have prepared a list of the best acoustic guitars under 1500 dollars.
What the actual problem is.
Where this huge budget can make it easy to buy an acoustic guitar with all your desired feature, on the flip side, you can be at your wits’ end owing to a large number of choices.
How to prevent?
To prevent you from further confusion, we have worked very hard to make a list of following guitars. Please read all the nuts and bolts of each guitar, thereby, you can purchase a perfect guitar.
Let’s start with the list of outstanding acoustic guitars

So, are you going to perform on a stage? Would you have to face thousands of your audience? Then you should be equipped with all your pre-requisites that can grab the attention of your audience. And these enlisted guitars can get a handle on the audience.

1- Taylor 214-CE DLX: The Best Guitar

Taylor 214-CE DLX: The Best Guitar
Taylor 214-CE DLX
Satisfaction Level 90%
(25 Reviews) Ratings:

Taylor 214 CE Deluxe has almost the same features as Taylor 214CE, however, different wood has been used in both models.

So, Let’s talk about its body and material.

This 6 strings guitar with single cutaway can entertain a big crowd. Apart from a big crowd, with this guitar, you are destined to give an energetic performance in your studio too. Its grand auditorium body with a mahogany/Sapele neck is a splendid example against any other guitar.

Like any other acoustic guitar with attractive features, it has Sitka spruce top and layered rosewood sides and back. Interestingly, only experts know the tonal quality of rosewood.

Size of this guitar is also fascinating that is a standard dreadnought. The scale length of Taylor 214CE Deluxe is 25.5”. Besides scale length, its body length (20”) is not too bad. Its white plastic binding protects it from any dent and damage. The overall glossy finishing makes it outstanding. Therefore, we can say that material and overall construction are good and invest in this instrument can make your purchase a buying of the year.

Now let’s scan the electronics and performance of this highly rated and reviewed product.

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With the above material, it is noteworthy that electronics that are being used in this instrument is not less than the quality of other guitars. Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) is also a cutting edge of this guitar.

Combination of Spruce and Rosewood with steel strings gives it a high tonal and sound quality. Thus, Taylor CE214 Deluxe might be your best acoustic guitar to meet all your needs of the music.



I didn’t observe any shortcoming in it.

2- Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar

Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 95%
(21 Reviews) Ratings:

Martin d-15M’s simplicity is a cut above the rest. A truly unique instrument that has been made for the lovers of the guitar. It is essential to tell you here that if simplicity is in your nature then this guitar might be your crush in this year.

Without any delay, let’s have a look at its features.

Firstly, I would like to discuss the wood that makes it extraordinary among other acoustic guitars.

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Let’s make the long story short by telling you that mahogany is the only wood that makes this masterpiece. Yes, its top, back, sides, and neck all are made of solid mahogany. 20 frets are present on the genuine solid neck.  Finishing of this product is natural satin.

This standard dreadnought body guitar has 25.4” scale length. The body length of this guitar is 20”.

Use of solid mahogany in its body provides a rich and vibrant sound to its users. Asides from all these above-mentioned features and characteristics of it, it has a relatively low price than others.

One interesting thing that might give you Goosebumps that it is highly reviewed acoustic guitar and has 95% “5 stars” ratings. 95% “5-star” rating shows the extreme satisfaction of its users



3-Takamine EF341SC: Acoustic Guitar $1500

Takamine EF341SC: Acoustic Guitar $1500-min
Takamine EF341SC
Satisfaction Level 85%
(16 Reviews) Ratings:

Before telling you the various amazing features of this guitar, make me apologize because in the list of best acoustic guitars under 1500, I am going to introduce an acoustic-electric guitar. Nevertheless, there is a reason to jot down its review here. Yes, it seems incomplete the review list, if I don’t include this guitar. Believe me, this guitar has also unbelievable features that is why it makes me add this one in the list.

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I hope, you will never mind reading the review of an acoustic-electric guitar in the list of a different one.
Now, let’s scan the nuts and bolts of this instrument.
This right-handed best acoustic guitar will definitely make you a fan. Unlike the Martin D-15M, it is a combination of different types of wood and material. Its top is made of solid cedar while Maple makes its sides and back. The neck is made of Mahogany and rosewood builds its Fingerboard. A stunning product with the combination of Cedar, Maple, Mahogany, and Rosewood, comes out of the box. The black color with glossy finishing adds a ton of value in this astonishing instrument.
Dreadnought body shape with single cutaway adds another feather in its cap. Scale length is 25.4” and the body is 20” long which are pretty good.
When it comes to its electronics parts, you observe the quality in its electronics components too. CT-4b preamp and pickups make its graph higher in quality of sound and tone.
Like Martin D-15M, it has also most positive reviews by its expert guitarists.

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4- Journey OF660 Overhead Carbon Fiber

Journey OF660 Overhead Carbon Fiber
Journey OF660 Overhead Carbon Fiber
Satisfaction Level 85%
(20 Reviews) Ratings:

You probably would have met with so many people who would love to travel and music. Travel and Music is the most common hobby of so many people. However, if you are a guitarist and also like to travel then you would have to face problems while carrying your music instrument from one place to other.

Your problem can end with this awesome acoustic guitar. Thanks to the OF660 Carbon Fiber’s removable neck. Yes! You can remove its neck in a second and pack it in a bag that can be placed overhead bin compartment of airplanes.

Let’s see its different features one by one.

This instrument comes with 6 strings of steel with black color. Its top, sides, back, and neck are made from carbon fiber. The finishing of it is highly glossy. Shape of the neck is “C” type.

The most important feature of this amazing instrument is it size which should be kept in mind if you are a traveler as well as musician.

Its scale length is 24.5” while body length is 18”. Moreover, its body width is 12.5”.

However, its easily removable neck makes it super easy to carry on anywhere in your journey.

Tuning machine that has been used in it is Grover Mini Chrome while undersaddle pickup is used in this masterpiece.

If we talk about its sound then we come to know that its tonal quality is not less than any other branded guitar.



5- Taylor 114-CE: Cheapest Acoustic Guitar

Taylor 114-CE: Cheapest Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 88%
(33 Reviews) Ratings:

I assure you that the price of this guitar must attract you. Yes! This magical instrument is the cheapest guitar in this list of best acoustic guitars with a large number of reviews. If you want a guitar with all your desired feature that can be yours at affordable price.

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Let’s discuss the details of this shocking product.

The body shape of this guitar is Grand Auditorium like the above-mentioned guitar, Taylor 214-CE Deluxe. Top of this guitar is Sitka Spruce, however, walnut is used for back and sides of it. Usage of walnut gives a crunchy sound to it. Its neck is made of American Mahogany that is also a high-quality material. Varnish finishing of it with natural color gives an attractive look. Moreover, black plastic binding protects it from any damage.

Scale size of this impressive product is 25” while body length is 20”. This size is pretty good for concerts and live performances. When we talk about its overall length which is 41”, an attractive size indeed.

Like Taylor 214-CE Deluxe, Taylor ES-T preamp and Pickups have been used. This electronics system adds more quality of its tone and sound when plugging it in an amplifier.

So, with a much lower budget, you can get a high-quality guitar



6- Blueridge BR-160: Dreadnought Guitar

Blueridge BR-160: Dreadnought Guitar
Blueridge BR-160: Dreadnought Guitar
Satisfaction Level 78%
(3 Reviews) Ratings:

Another acoustic-electric guitar having the seducing features. While manufacturing of this guitar, one thing was kept in mind by the manufacturer, it is so easy to play that beginner and the advanced player can play it easily.

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Now come towards its hardware and electronics.

Its well-designed dreadnought body has been made of solid Sitka Spruce (Top) and solid rosewood (back and sides). This single cutaway music device has 6 strings. One thing that allures me more is its slim neck of Mahogany. Owing to its slim neck, one is supposed to perform stunning for a huge crowd. That is why, I said that playability of it was just magic, a spell.

Its glossy finishing is also a positive point in its looks.

When one looks into its size then he/she comes to know that it’s a standard dreadnought body shape guitar. The scale length of it is 25.6” while body length is 20”. These lengths are common when you are searching for a high-quality guitar.

If you didn’t observe that any hardware was not used with low quality then how it could be possible that its electronics components make you disappoint. Fishman Presys Pickups and preamp increase its graph in the market. 

So, with high-quality material and hardware, you will definitely get a crispy and crunchy sound. The tonal quality of this product is also above the line.



7- The Loar LH-700: Bit Pricey Guitar

The Loar LH-700: Bit Pricey Guita
The Loar LH-700: Bit Pricey Guita
Satisfaction Level 80%
(4 Reviews) Ratings:

I know, its shape and finishing would have made your mouth watery. Yes, this amazing guitar is available under 1500 dollars too. It looks like a golden age instrument, doesn’t it?

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The Loar LH-700 is a hand carved instrument. If we observe closely then we come to know that it has not a trendy sound hole with no cutaway. Sound holes are present on both sides of the top. Its top is made of AAA- Grade Spruce. Moreover, Sides and back are made from AAA-grade flamed maple. The neck is also made from figured maple. One thing which must you keep in mind that in this price range you have better options than this guitar. There are certain shortcomings which are a question mark on this guitar. However, if we analyze it as a complete package, it could be a good option.
Now, make an observation of its size. The scale length of this guitar is 24.75” which is quite good like other acoustic guitars. Body length is also 20”. Furthermore, its ivory binding also provides protection to it. One thing which is pretty awesome is its adjustable bridge and which gives a long range of tonal quality.



8- Yamaha A5R: Branded Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha A5R: Branded Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha A5R: Branded Acoustic Guitar
Satisfaction Level 75%
(1 Review) Ratings:

Like most of the guitarists, Yamaha is also one of my favorite brands of guitars. The basic question that comes into our mind is why we placed this product at the bottom of the list. The reason is simple, we didn’t spot any extra feature of this product. Unless if you are a brand-oriented guitarist, it is not for you. Notwithstanding, if you are looking for a good brand guitar with your desired feature, just go and buy this guitar.

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Following specifications would not surprise you anymore. However, read carefully, you may find any interest in this product.
Like other guitars, its top is solid spruce with six strings. In addition, this acoustic-electric guitar’s sides and back have been made of rosewood. African mahogany has been used while making its neck. One thing which might intrigue you is its finish. Like other instruments of Yamaha, its finish is also alluring. Its glossy finishing with vintage natural color demands more respect.
Its size has no difference to other guitars. Like other trendy acoustic guitars, it has the same scale length, 25”, and same body length, 20”. Therefore, we can say that this product of Yamaha is not too successful to attract more guitarist with its size.
The actual cutting edge of this guitar is its sound quality. Yamaha always tries to render the best tone and sound quality. Thus, if you have enough budget (Under $1500) and you are a brand-oriented guitarist, this music device will definitely make your day.



Last Words

We hope the aforementioned information is enough to take a decision about a guitar buying. We have tried our best to provide the best information on the market. These above-mentioned guitars are outstanding and have satisfactory results. However, if you have any other suggestions please do share with us in the comment box. We will definitely consider your sincere suggestion. Moreover, if you are still confused and can’t decide what to buy with this budget, you can ask a question too. Our expert team will try to answer your questions as per their knowledge. Stay Blessed. Thank you.

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