Best acoustic electric Guitars under 300 dollars

Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under 300 Dollars (11 Reviews of 2019)

Out of a plethora of choices for the best acoustic-electric guitars under 300 dollars, it is very difficult to choose the right one. However, to avoid you from confusion and headache, we have created a list of acoustic-electric guitars which perfectly match with your pocket as well as your demands. So, don’t miss to read even a single word of this article if you really want to make a matchless and optimal purchase. We know the value of your single penny that you want to invest on a guitar. Therefore, this list of guitars has been made by keeping a lot of precautions in mind. So, you can invest money on the right product.

Note: No doubt, in a last couple of years acoustic-electric guitars become more popular. Keeping this popularity in mind, several brands like Yamaha serves the best to make a perfect product. However, a large number of required guitars (available in the market) does not satisfy a passionate music lover. So, always be wise while purchasing a guitar and read the below article carefully.

Like you, my favorite acoustic electric guitar is also from the Yamaha and Ibanez Brands. It admits of no doubt that these two brands try their best to serve all level of guitarists. However, I am going to enlist other acoustic electric guitars of different brands too.

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While preparing the following list, we kept this point in mind that beginners can also enjoy the quality and sound of the guitars. So, below mentioned acoustic electric guitars are also recommended for beginners too.  Let’s start

1- Ovation Applause Elite AE44II: Acoustic-Electric

Ovation Applause Elite AE44II: Acoustic-Electric
  • Top: Spruce
  • CE304T Preamp
  • Lyrachord
  • Multi-port Design Hole
  • Tuning Machine
Ovation Applause Elite AE44II
Satisfaction Level 80%
(09 Reviews) Ratings:

Ovation Ae44II stands distinctive owing to its bowl-back. Yes, back of this model of acoustic guitar is almost round. Lyrachord is used to make the back of it. Due to this material, it has one extra feather in its cap by keeping a lightweight feature. If we compare the weight of other guitars with this great guitar then this guitar is lightweight. Moreover, Top of the guitar is made from solid spruce. Unlike simple design guitars, its sound’s holes are at right-top of the body. The neck of this guitar is made of Mahogany (My favorite one for the neck). 17 numbers of frets boost its sound quality. Its tonal characteristic  is also awesome without plug. Overall finishing of it is really amazing and good.

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If we talk about the buyer’s review then we come to know that the same feature of this guitar is a plus point as well as negative point simultaneously. Bowl back of this guitar is liked by various guitarists. On the contrary, this feature also gave a negative feedback to its ratings by numerous users.  Nevertheless, if we talk about overall sound aspect, I give it a positive rating.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable Amounr
  • Nice Looking and Well-Designed
  • Sound and tone are fine and solid
  • Distinct Body Shape


  • Material used in it is not a worthy
  • A little number of users don’t like its shape

2- Fender Cd-60CE: Best Acoustic

Fender Cd-60CE: Best Acoustic
  • Top: Solid Spruce
  • Side & Back: Nato
  • Fishman Isys III System
  • Compensated Saddle For Fender Guitar
  • Scallopad
Fender Cd-60CE
Satisfaction Level 86%
(105 Reviews) Ratings

This Fender CD-60CE acoustic guitar -with 6 strings- is one of the best choices for beginners. Interestingly, you would like to buy this acoustic electric guitar after knowing the cost of this piece of music. Nicely finished guitar by fender that’s top has been crafted with solid spruce. Moreover, Nato material laminates its back and sides. The most fascinating part of it is the Fishman Isys III system that makes its amplified sound more louder. This system makes a better sound quality of it. Sound class of this Fender guitar doesn’t depend upon its plugging or unplugging. With this price range, the tone caliber of the Fender CD-60CE is exceptional. If you want to know about its size then the size of it is a standard dreadnought (25.3”).  

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Plastic nut and saddle, Fingerboard and it is the same model like Fender CD-60s with the addition of a nice cutaway and electronic system (Fishman).


  • Affordable Cost (Under $300)
  • Great Finishing by Fender
  • Best for all levels of Guitarist especially for Beginners
  • Amazing Electronic System –Fishman Isys III
  • Available in Different Colors


  • I personally didn’t observe any con in this guitar presented by Fender, however, a small number of guitarist criticize it for glued in strap pegs

3- Yamaha APX500III: Amazing Acoustic-Electric

Yamaha APX500III: Amazing Acoustic-Electric
  • Top: Spruce
  • Side&Back: Solid Nato
  • Smaller than Dreadnought
  • Life Time Warranty
Yamaha APX500III
Satisfaction Level 88%
(62 Reviews) Ratings:

One of my favorite brands in the guitar is Yamaha. And this products comes with significant finishing and premium features. Moreover, the more charismatic feature of this acoustic guitar is its size. It is slightly smaller than the dreadnought size of Yamaha FGX800C. Its thin-line body is almost 3 1/2 inches that makes it comfortable to play for beginners. Moreover, its lifetime warranty must make the mouth of a guitarist watery. Yes, it gives a life time warranty. If we talk about its solid material then this product is a mixture of Spruce and Nato. Spruce top and Nato laminate the side and back of this stunning product. When we talk about the best acoustic electric guitar, how it is possible that we forget about its electronic pickup. In electronics, it has a volume control button.

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Besides the volume control button, it has 3 band levels low mid and high. Mid frequency adjustment button makes it a totally controllable product. We cannot overlooked to its battery compartment that is also one extra feature of it.


  • Rates are under 300 dollars
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 5 Colors to choose
  • Attractive cutaway with thin-line body
  • Great Playability
  • Lightweight (4.28pounds)


  • Available only for right-handed. Left-handed model is not available.

4- Ibanez AEG10II: Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ibanez AEG10II: Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Top: Spruce
  • Side&Back: Mahogany
  • SUperior Quality Preamp
  • Ibanez: A well Known Brand
Ibanez AEG10II
Satisfaction Level 75%
(06 Reviews) Ratings:

If you are a guitarist with years of experience then take this acoustic electric guitar is one of the excellent choice for live performance. Moreover, i assure you it will win the hearts of the audience with its magical sound. Yes, this thinly bodied guitar has magical effects in its tune and sound. This concert size guitar with bright, solid, and clear sound amuse you the more.

If we talk about its hardware, spruce makes its top while mahogany laminates its side and back. Beautifully finished guitar has different colors with cutaway. Fingerpicking is just awesome.

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Another part of this great guitar that must be discussed here is its preamp/electronics. Ibnes Preamp and Fishman Sonic Pickup are the most amusing characteristic of this guitar.  Thin-line body and enjoyable playability are the cuts above the rest.


  • Concert Size
  • Clear And Bright Size
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Available in Various Colors
  • Fishman Sonic Pickup


All the buyers show satisfaction about it. Therefore, we can say that no con is observed so far.

5- Epiphone Hummingbird PRO

Epiphone Hummingbird PRO
  • Top: Spruce
  • Side&Back: Mahogany
  • Good Quality Preamp and Pickup
  • Clear Tone
Epiphone Hummingbird PRO
Satisfaction Level 88%
(106 Reviews) Ratings:

Epiphone brand of guitar always works for the beginners and intermediate level. Therefore, Epiphone Hummingbird Pro is one fo the super Acoustic-Electric products for these levels of guitarists and music lover. Beautifully finished (Engraved Flowers) acoustic guitar with excellent sound calss will definitely make your day. Furthermore, its hardware consists on spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood. Standard dreadnought size without cutaway gives it an attractive look. Shadow Nano Flex System is used in pickups and preamps of this guitar that is considered great in caliber. I personally like this great guitar due to its sound variety in this budget range. Its sound (Tone) is much louder and clearer than expectation without plugged in. One more thing which I like the most about this guitar is that its neck is slightly smaller than others which increase its playability score.


  • Smaller Neck
  • Great Finishing with the engraved flower on body
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Brilliant, crisp, and radiant
  • Perfect piece for Beginners


  • Heavier than expectation
  • Neck Color fades after excessive use
  • Pre-Amp is not considered competent according to various buyers.

6- Ibanez AEG12II

Ibanez AEG12II
  • Top: Mahogany
  • Side&Back: Laminated with Mahogany
  • Fishman Sonicore Pickup
  • Clear Sound
  • Unique Fretboard
Ibanez AEG12II
Satisfaction Level 80%
(07 Reviews) Ratings:

Its thin body increases its playability. Crisp and clear sound stand it out. So, you can get a really attractive and premium product under $300 price range.

Let’s analyze the material of this guitar. Mahogany laminates its top, sides, and back. With a cutaway, it has a unique Fretboard inlays.

Another essential part of the acoustic electric guitar which must not be overlooked is electronics. In Ibnez AEG12II, high mark Fishman Sonicore pickups raises the sound and tone quality. In addition, Ibnez AEQ-SP1 preamps also helps to make its sound more clear and permits it to use amplifier.

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One  more thing which we should keep in mind that buyer’s review are also positive and give it 5 stars ratings which shows that overall results of this product is satisfactory. You can make your purchase wisely y buying it.


  • Nice finishing
  • Perfect size
  • Budget Friendly
  • Good for all levels of guitarist
  • Clear, Crunchy, and Solid Sound


  • Reviews for Preamps are not satisfactory

7- Yamaha APX600

  • Top: Spruce
  • Side&Back: Mahogany
  • Concert based Pickup
  • Scale length 25"
  • Thin-line Body
Yamaha APX600
Satisfaction Level 75%
(16 Reviews) Ratings:

It is a successor of Yamaha APX500. Its scale length is 25 inches that is marginally small then Yamaha APX500. This size helps to improve its playability. Moreover, Thin-line and cut away with this scale length is a cutting edge for this great guitar. Solid and classy material has used to make it is the same like other Yamaha product. Spruce top, and laminated mahogany side and back keeps it similar to APX500.

Stage focused preamp and pickup gives it’s a glaring position among other products of Yamaha. With standard Yamaha, Pickup is comfortable to play when you are on stage in a concert. However, its truss rod functionality is not satisfactory according to several buyers.


  • Attractive Size
  • Best for Beginners
  • Operate with full Comfort
  • Clear and crisp sound
  • Affordable price range
  • Preamp and pickup quality is also satisfactory


  • Truss Rod slapped on the wrist in various cases

8- Ibanez V70CE

Ibanez V70CE: Best Guitar
  • Top: Solid Spruce
  • Side&Back: Mahogany Lamination
  • Good Quality Electronics
  • Standard Dreadnought
Ibanez V70CE
Satisfaction Level 75%
(04 Reviews) Ratings:

Ibaneze V70CE is an acoustic electric guitar with cutaway. To protect from scratches, edges of the body have been protect by a soft plastic. In addition, Spruce top and mahogany sides and back have the capability to produce some kind of magical sound with plugged in. Bridge and fretboard is designed with rosewood. Compensated saddle helps to play it at ease. Therefore, it can be an excellent choice for beginners. Size of this guitar is standard dreadnought.

On the other hand, pickup under the compensated saddle and preamp are also value worthy . Preamp has volume and bass controlling buttons. Unfortunately, a wide range of colors is not available in this product and it is only available in black and blue color. So, an attractively finished acoustic electric guitar is waiting for you at a very affordable price. Yes, I am saying at a very affordable cost


  • Budget Friendly product
  • Nice Finishing
  • Clear and Amusing Sound
  • Excellent Quality preamp
  • Protected with plastic binding on the edges of the body


  • Weight is slightly higher
  • Size is not suitable for beginner and it is difficult to handle for beginners

9- Ibanez Talman TCM50

  • Top: Figured Ash
  • Side&Back: Mahogany
  • AP2 Magnetic Pickup
  • Die-Cast Tuner
  • Double Cut Body
Ibanez Talman TCM50
Satisfaction Level 87%
(11 Reviews) Ratings:

When it comes to a guitar, everyone demands as per one’s needs. So, this premium guitar helps to fulfill your demands at a budget friendly value. This well finished double cutaway has amazing sound. Having almost 5 stars review from buyers, shows the high level of satisfaction with its performance. Additionally, Its delightful sunburst finish top and laminated mahogany sides and back gives it a breathtaking design. Protected with ivory binding. Neck and bridge are made from rosewood. Preamp and under-saddle pickup enhances the tone and sound badge of it.  Therefore, you are looking for a quality tone guitar at a very very reasonable price then believe me this product is for you. Just click the button and make a handsome purchase of this year


  • Double Cutaway
  • High Sound class
  • Affordable price
  • Flawless Finishing
  • Overall satisfactory product


  • Doesn’t have built-in tuner

10- Kona K2TBL: Acoustic Electric guitar under 300

Kona K2TBL
  • Top: Mahogany
  • Side&Back: Mahogany laminated
  • Dreadnought Size
  • Thin-line Guitar
  • Warranty
Kona K2TBL
Satisfaction Level 80%
(116 Reviews) Ratings:

This Guitar has all the qualities in a much less than 300 dollars. Its top, sides, and back is made from mahogany. Royal blue color beautifies it more. This acoustic electric guitar is 41” long which is a dreadnought size. Scale length is also pretty good that is 25.75”. Besides its length, it can kept in the list of thin-line guitars.  Depth of this great guitar is 3 inches.  Volume and bass control buttons adds another feature in its preamp. Rosewood Fretboard and bridge like other brands are also awesome characteristics.  It also provides a warranty and complete care guide.


  • Attractive color
  • D’Addario Strings
  • Neck Wrench and care guide
  • Attractive Budget
  • Best for Beginners


  • Heavy in Size
  • Plastic Saddle

11- Luna Henna Paradise Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Luna Henna Paradise Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Top: Spruce
  • Side&Back: Mahogany laminated
  • Folk Body Desing
  • 25.5" Scale Length
  • C Shape Neck
Luna Henna Paradise Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Satisfaction Level 82%
(06 Review) Ratings:

Besides the sound quality of a guitar, looks matter a lot. And do you know? that Luna Henna Paradise Acoustic Electric guitar gives you a sound caliber as well as an attractive finishing. It might be the best article for a newbie. Within an affordable price range, you can get a complete package.
Let’s start to analyze its different features.
This great guitar comes with 6 strings and a single cutaway. The instrument with a folk body shape design’s top has been made of Solid spruce while its back and sides are fabricated with mahogany. The most dazzling attribute which may attract you the more is its finishing. Its C shape neck provides a better grip and helps to improve the playability. Here, no need to explain its finishing, you are the best observer and can observe from the above Picture and below Video.
Another thing which must be kept in mind is the size and weight of a guitar. Its size and weight are also best for beginners. The scale length of this guitar is 25.5” while the total length of it is 45”. This product is a bit heavy and weighs 15.75 pounds. However, with this weight, a beginner can play it easily.
Its electronics results are also satisfactory. Luna SL-3 Pre-Amp system is embedded in it to make the tonal calss of it better. However, electronics equipment is not much impressive.


  • Outstanding Finishing
  • Great Sound
  • Under Beginner's Budget
  • Solid wood is also Fine
  • A Complete Package with Folk Body Design


  • Heavier than others
  • Poor Quality of Pre-Amp

Last Words

It is a sincere advice to every person who has any plan to buy a guitar in the future. Please do proper research before buying a guitar. Nevertheless, we have good news that we have worked a lot by doing research and experiencing different guitars so that you can prevent to kick yourself. Therefore, choose any of the above best acoustic electric guitar under 300$. We tried our best to give the best information, we hope it will help while are making a purchase of the guitar. Stay blessed and thank you.

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